• ShortList Magazine

    ShortList Magazine

    Wise counsel on the wonders of the worldwide web. Head here for film, food, design and viral gold as well as the weekly @DannyWallace column

  • Steve Wrigley

    Steve Wrigley

    tea drinking, crumpet eating, picture taking... digital monkey...

  • Karen Novek

    Karen Novek

    Author of Behind the Scenes of Your Financial Success & More. Founder of Boca Wellness Inc.

  • AJ Campbell

    AJ Campbell

    VR/AR developer, technology architect, coder, UX designer, author, composer, musician… now with kung fu grip

  • SocietyDining


    Private members dining & events. Connect over dinner. Discover new circles. Expand your world of opportunities. Access London’s top venues. SocietyDining.com

  • Vin Clancy

    Vin Clancy

    Author of “Secret Sauce: A step-by-step guide to growth hacking”. Founder of Magnific, Planet Ivy, Screen Robot.

  • andy spinoza

    andy spinoza

    I'm in 'Comms'. The MD of SKV. Often to be found in the thick of it.

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