Indexing data for a future where our finances are closely tied to our information streams.

We’re overwhelmed with data. The problem is particularly evident in the chaotic world of cryptocurrency and blockchain development. There are telegram groups abuzz with the latest information, calls from faceless influencers, discord groups, crypto-twitter, Reddit, and blogs.

With the data we consume so closely tied to the financial decisions we make, how can we be sure that our newsfeeds are credible and written by people with a good track record?

Everyone will tell you the space moves too fast to keep up with. That’s opened up opportunities for credible research agencies to try and bring real value. But still, most…

Here’s a very quick (and probably bad) guide on how to integrate FastAPI with a Svelete front end. Ideally you’d entirely separate the two, with Svelte served independently of Fast API, but if you’re like me and you want a less than perfect but easier to manage solution, maybe this is it.

I wanted to use Svelte as the front end to either Flask, or Fast API. I tried a few ways to do it and found a setup that serves Svelte using FastAPI (actually starlette’s) StaticFiles in html mode.

  1. Setup a very basic Hello World with Fast API —…

It’s been a very busy year for me in 360 film making, with three big projects back to back, it has been the most hectic period of work since I started directing immersive documentaries five years ago. This is a post about some of the work I’ve done this year, and how despite the creeping pessimism, there is in fact still cause for real optimism in this space.

In January of 2018, I’d just come back from a trip down the Nile with the BBC. We’d filmed a two-part S3D (spherical 3D) documentary on Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam, which will…

Phil Harper

Formerly @truthloader. Sometimes @bbc. Running IMRGE VR. Creator of ‘Reddit for Sale’ and @howyougotcaughtinthenet Filmmaker. Creator. Programmer.

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